The automated asset management application for academics.

  • Competitive integrated search;
  • Database updated as files added.

Originally a project from the University of Birmingham (UK), created under the supervision of Dr Behzad Bordbar, ADRS is a fully functional and beta stable application. ADRS automatically manages research papers and academic documents (primarily for use with PDF files.)

  Find easily
ADRS helps you to find what you're looking for really quickly. The files are automatically added to the database and you can immediately search them. The search algorithm speed is competitive with consumer retail products.
Includes PDF support out of the box with unparalleled speed and quality of indexing. You can extend ADRS with plugins if you know java (no core code changes required.)

Built with industry standard technologies such as standard XML, and JDBC, your not locked in. All the settings can be exported to any other program and easily editted. This means you can change database providers with no extra hassle. ADRS ships with a tried and tested database engine (HSQL).

ADRS is open source and freely available. We made sure that when we did this, it wasn't restrictive. We use the BSD license so it can be freely implemented in any commercial or open source project. The project is supported by commercial consultancy by the original author.

We are extremely grateful for the important service that Sourceforge provides our project with. Without this vital support, ADRS would not be an open source project.

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ADRS is copyrighted to the University of Birmingham 2009. Originally designed by Christopher Green, author rights reserved. All graphics provided by the Open Network Software Ltd.